Water, Hops and Malt (2017​)​, pre​-​order

by Stary Olsa


Feast - is an art! Noble relations, sincere friends, lifted spirits, singing and dancing together, challenges and adventures, picturesque landscapes and fire, delicious food prepared on charcoal and the ancient drink! Water, hops and malt - the three essential components of the old, true, beloved drink - beer, which unites all classes, all nations and ages. Our ancestors were very capable feast makers, had a good taste and drive for them. In this album we tried to restore the spirit of ancient feasts: humorous, religious, military songs and ballades, and of course songs about feast drinking.

"Hoy-Hoy, let’s sit in a circle and merrily
Drink and talk,
And forget about everything,
Wishing all to be great!"
(An excerpt from the Belarusian drinking canticle of 16-17th cent.)

The album takes its name from a drinking song of XVІ c. “Water, Hops and Malt” (from the song cycle in honor of beer).
The 13th album of the Stary Olsa band will move you to an old tavern, where you can feel life of medieval cities and castles!

The album will include 14 ancient songs + booklet with lyrics (original texts with actual translation in English).

Track list:

1. Pachod na Frakfurt (March to Frankfurt)
Drinking song, Maciej Stryjkowski, 16 c.
2. Pachvala kniaziu Vitaŭtu (Ode to Duke Vitaut)
An excerpt from the poem Song of the Wisent, Mikalaj Husoŭski, 1523
3. Vada, chmieĺ i solad (Water, Hops and Malt)
Drinking song, 15 с.
4. Zasnavannie Viĺni (Founding of Viĺnia)
Ballade, Maciej Stryjkowski, 16 c.
5. Kola rycerska (Great is the Knighthood)
Drinking song, 15 c.
6. Siem radasciaŭ (Seven Joys)
Religious song: Los set gotxs (Llibre vermell de Montserrat), 14 c.
7. U advarotny šliach (Return Journey)
Virelai:Quant je sui mis au retour, Guillaume de Machaut, 14 c.
8. Himn studentaŭ (Students’ Anthem)
Students’ Anthem: Gaudeamus igitur, 13-14 c.
9. Marazula
Song-dance from the medieval mystery about Death, 15 c.
10. A dzie ž tyja vajary (Where are Those Warriors)
March by the Kamelot band (folk music, lyrics: Zmicier Sidarovič) based on historical events
11. U karčmie (In the Tavern)
Drinking song: In Taberna, 15 с.
12. Dva kruki (Two Ravens)
Students’ ridicule song, 16 с.
13. Kurdesz
Drinking song, Franciszek Bohomolec, 18 c.
14. Kielich kola (Drinking Mug)
Drinking canticle, 16-17 c.


releases August 15, 2017



Stary Olsa Minsk, Belarus

We are a Medieval music band from Minsk, Belarus. WHAT WE DO: - Recreate the musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 13th – 18th c. - Perform traditional folklore of the cities and knights of the Belarusian and European Middle Ages, and chamber music of Renaissance castles. - Our musical instruments have been reproduced with authentic materials and techniques. ... more


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