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Šturm zamka Pulien. Single 2020

by Stary Olsa

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A. P. Kuehn
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A. P. Kuehn This single is another example of the enormous talent & skill of Stary Olsa. Their music never fails to get my heart pumping & my hands clapping. Their devotion to their craft is an honor to the history of their country & a joy for their fans. Long Live Belarus!
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deckroid I cannot say words to express my anger and frustration at the situation Belarus is currently facing. For 4 years in the early 90s, my family hosted Olga Novikova from Belarus for the summers through a church program so she could get dental and medical attention. Her family was in the path of the Chernobyl cloud. Since then, Belarus has had a part of my heart. I love Stary Olsa and their music and wish them all love and to stay safe in this tumultuous time.
Actual English translation (by Alena Martsyanava) Pulien Castle Storming In the time of Alhierd’s ruling The Teuton forces surrounded Pulien Castle,
 Grabbing it in their steel claws, In the deathly siege. Terror and horror on their crosses,
 People rush to the castle, Mothers carry the old and the young
 Into the safety of the fortress. The Litvins are defending the castle, Lead by their mighty warrior Duke Marhier and two thousand men Keeping the endless fire away.
 Thousands of times he slashed his sword 
By the gates, on towers and walls,
 Pushing back the troops He fights like an aurochs But the strength in his arms fades. Catapults, rams, cannons
 Smashed a tremendous hole,
 The Landsknechts forcing through, with clanking armours,
 To find the dead Litvins’ bodies Slavery has never been their way So they burn down their treasures,
 And then the old, the women, the children,
 And put themselves to death. The Teutons found no soul alive,
 They entered the dead Pulien,
 It was so unexpected a capture,
 The castle stood dead forevermore.
 Since ancient times the fate of slaves was the worst of sins for Litvins, As not to disgrace oneself, the death was their pride, Without doubt, suffering and tears. Original lyrics in Belarusian Штурм замка Пулен За Альгерда старымі часамі Крыжаносцаў атрад уварваў, Замак Пулен стальнымі кляшчамі У аблогу смяротную ўзяў. На чорных крыжах лютасць і жах, Людзі ў замак імкліва бягуць, Старых і малых, дзетак усіх У фартэцыю маці нясуць. Замак Пулен літвіны бароняць, Там кіруе магутны ваяр Князь Маргер і дзве тысячы вояў Адбіваюць бясконцы пажар. І тысячы раз мячом рубіць князь Каля брамы, на вежах, сцянах, Адкідвае штурм, б'ецца як тур, Але менее моц у руках. Катапульты, тараны, гарматы, Праламілі вялізны прагал, Кнехты ломяцца, бразгаюць латы, Там літвінавых трупаў завал. Да рабства ісці не па жыцці, Скарб літвіны пачалі паліць, Дзядоў і кабет, дзетак услед І сябе вырашаюць забіць. Не засталі прытомным нікога, Немцы ў Пулен зайшлі нежывы, Не чакалі захопу такога, Замак мёртвы стаяў назаўжды. Літвіны спрадвек як страшны грэх Не прымалі рабоў нізкі лёс, Каб ганьбы не мець у гонары смерць Без сумніваў, пакут і без слёз.


Šturm zamka Pulien (Pulien Castle Storming) - is the story about the heroic defense of the Pulien (Pilenai or Punia) Castle on the lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania back in 1336 against the Teutonic Order, honour and unbroken spirit of our ancestors.

Check the lyrics. Original in Belarusian language. Actual English translation by Alena Martsyanava.
Lyric video of the song: youtu.be/yFlYudGmNe8

The single is released thanks to our American friends Angie and Tony Kuehn.

The single is in the honor of Raman Bandarenka, who became another victim murdered by the regime in Belarus. Our most deeply condolences to his family.


released November 12, 2020

Alieś Čumakoŭ (vocal, hurdy-gurdy, cister)
Ilja Kublicki (cister)
Maryja Šaryj (shawms)
Zmicier Sasnoŭski (bagpipes)
Siarhiej Tapčeŭski (davul, percussion)
Aliaksiej Vojciech (marching drum)

Lyrics: Zmicier Sasnoŭski
Music: Stary Olsa
Recording, mixing and mastering: Everest Media Studio (Minsk, Belarus), Pavel Sinilo
Artwork: Ksenia Logovaia (@snywonder)


all rights reserved



Stary Olsa Minsk, Belarus

Medieval music band from Minsk, Belarus.
- Recreate the musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 13th – 18th c.
- Perform traditional folklore of the cities and knights of the Belarusian and European Middle Ages, Renaissance music and Early Baroque music.
- Our musical instruments these periods have been reproduced with authentic materials and techniques.
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